Hello, This is our dog Gulliver. He is a Ryman / Old Hemlock English Setter and we’ve travelled all over North America hunting upland game, enjoying the country side and learning about the ecology in the places we hunt.

Since this picture was taken we’ve hunted and travelled all over North America. I married my lovely wife Sheila and we had our beautiful daughter Hanna. After Hanna, we found Peach, a field trial line that has speed and a nose that can’t be beat. Peach and Gulliver had a litter and we kept the first born, Lola. We anticipate many more adventures and hope we can share them with you. We’ll tell of adventures past, present and planned and share information gained over the process and years.

Gulliver has changed our lives. He’s been my partner as a hunting guide around Manitoba for some great outfitters. He has such a spirit to him, a natural ability to use the wind to scent game and a grace of motion that is like watching poetry in motion. He works cover and adjusts his style to match the terrain, cover and varying game we pursue.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our adventures, would like more information or just want to talk about setters.