Meet the Pack

Please take a moment and meet our hunting team. They will be your guides in the field.

Bohm’s Travelling Gulliver

Gulliver is an old Hemlock / Ryman style setter and has both grace and style to his hunt. His pedigree can be traced back to George Bird Evans ‘dogs and to Ryman’s kennel. He is so fun to hunt with and fun to watch work.

Bohm’s Georgia Peach

Peach, field trial line English Setter. She is a shadow oak bo x tekoa mountain patriot line and has lots of drive. She hunts with a smile on her face and is so staunch on point with a high tail. She is an Orange Belton and really fun to watch work.

Gulliver Bohm’s Lola

Meet our newest bird dog member Lola. She is turning out to be a fantastic little dog. She’s is so well mannered and loves everyone. She’s also easy to train and very birdy. We look forward to introducing her to the world of upland bird hunting and introducing her to our clients.

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